QUALIA & COMPANY Media House Project Launched Vinyl Cutting

QUALIA & COMPANY Media House Project Launched Vinyl Cutting

Qualia & Company Media House officially entered the music publishing business in January 2013. We will hold the master license for countless works we plan to produce in the future, and are set to release a succession of music and video works suited for playback on high-end audio and visual equipment.

As announced in Media House Information in 2012, last autumn we finished recording a series of tracks by The Archi-tet, led by New York-based Japanese bassist Akihiro Yamamoto. Following mix down at Manhattan Center Studios this March, we did the mastering at one of the world’s top five studios, Sterling Sound. This was carried out with great care, since, in stark contrast to works targeting digital media, this album’s primary medium is vinyl records and thus this was the final step in the mastering process.

Having booked as mastering engineer Seth Foster, whose biography includes the works of Louis Armstrong and James Brown, all our staff members observed the process and did a final check of the sound source. After the studio we went to the cutting room, where we watched Ray Janos, a seasoned veteran of 30 years, operate a Neumann VMS80 to cut the lacquer disc, or the reference disc for quality checks. The VMS80 here is the sixth of only 26 cutting lathes worldwide, and after its turntable rotated on a strictly controlled 1/16 speed, we saw the birth of the reference disc of the first album to be released by Qualia & Company Media House.

Due to the nature of its surface, the reference disc can be played back only ten times. Following cautious quality checks on a later date together with our sound producer, we decided to proceed to the final pressing.

This was done at a pressing company in Kansas. Once inspection is completed, the records will be ready for packaging and shipping. We expect a June release as scheduled. The album is also slated for distribution via iTunes and release on SACD hybrid disc.

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