The MONO BLOCK power amplifier was created using a simple yet meticulous design that appropriately captures the INDIGO Series ambience. We have maximized the benefit of having a configuration of two large monaural chassis to achieve clear sound reproduction in line with INDIGO’s sound policy when combined with the INDIGO LINE-Amplifier. Even when connected to a non-INDIGO LINE-amplifier, it produces such uncolored, high-resolution sound of such depth and tangibility that the expressive power of the pre-amplifier is exposed for better or worse.

At the input stage, in order for the entire music signal to be amplified and to suppress intermodulation distortion, lower impedance and facilitate a smooth transfer to the next signal stage, the highest possible level of amplification precision is enabled. At the output stage a power operational amplifier, which is capable of flat amplification down to 0 Hz, was used to measure the output increase.

This resulted in a natural sound with no sense of bounding or stress, which is difficult to reproduce with amplifiers that use conventional power operational amplification.

The MONO BLOCK having these features, we recommend using it in conjunction with the INDIGO LINE-Amplifier. When purchasing this product together with the LINE-Amplifier, we assume they will be used as a pair. Therefore, after receiving your order, our experienced technicians will begin mounting parts and assembling both the Pre-Amplifier and the MONO BLOCK at the same time. After assembly is complete, the product will undergo in-house testing for approximately 2 weeks before it is shipped. Therefore, please note that it will take approximately 50 days from the time we receive your order until delivery.

Input Connectors Unbalanced connector (RCA) × 1
Balanced connector (XLR with pin number 2 as HOT) × 1
Output Connector Loudspeaker output binding posts with banana-plug sockets × 1
Rated Output Power 150 W ( 8ohms, 40W)
300 W (4ohms, 20W)
Max. 600 W (2ohms, 10W)
Voltage Gain 20dB
Input Sensitivity 3 V for maximum rated output power
Input Impedance 10k ohms
Power Requirements AC 110-120V 60Hz (differs according to region)
Power consumption 120 W (at idle), (Max. 1200W)
Dimensions 400 (W) × 170 (H) × 542 (D) mm
Weight 50kg
Warranty Period 3 years parts and labor

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