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Products Introduction

The cases for our LINE AMPLIFIER and MONO BLOCK PHONO AMPLIFIER – the first products in this series – are sculpted from solid blocks of pure aluminum, creating one of the core characteristics of the INDIGO series.

These are individually machined from aircraft-quality aluminum, before undergoing an anodizing treatment and polishing by skilled craftsmen for about two weeks to complete the products. Although only a limited number of products can be manufactured per month, QUALIA & COMPANY guarantees their quality through our rigorous manufacturing techniques. Our aim is to create products whose quality their owners will treasure forever. This machined casing of the QUALIA INDIGO series is primarily adopted for the control unit that handles the almost imperceptible and most delicate signals. A silent sound stage can be produced by supplying the power from a separate power supply.

In 2012, QUALIA & COMPANY completed development of its first DAC with USB for a new digital equipment series. The case features an integrated power supply. Within the hewn out case, four power transformers are mounted; analog power supplies independently arranged on either side, a large digital power supply and a power supply for the display. The entire power supply area within the case is shielded, which enables a wide sound stage to be achieved.

Two 32-bit Hyperstream DACs (ESS 9012) are used in parallel with monaural output mode as the heart, creating a perfect discrete circuit including a USB area for the output stage. As a result, the world’s finest USB DAC has been realized through the synergy of the solid casing, meticulously selected components, and abundant power supply.

QUALIA & COMPANY aims to proactively release analog power amplifiers and digital media players, etc. of the highest quality. We will continue to support audiophiles in their pursuit of musical excellence.

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