DOGMA 600 MonoBlock Power Amplifier -DOGMA STAND BASIC-

Here, we will introduce the DOGMA Stand Basic amplifier rack for housing the DOGMA 600.
This exclusive amplifier rack is made of cut and machined aluminum just like the DOGMA 600 unit. It has been formed by cutting and machining a thick block of aluminum. After this, a hollow center is cut out to prevent build-up of resonance energy. And, finally, the block is alumite-processed to give it a satin finish.

The legs for supporting the rack also are made of the same aluminum and so demonstrate the same physical properties. These, too, have been partially fine-tuned with stainless steel. The red, alumite processed rectangular piece supporting the legs and base unit is used as an element for dissipating vibration, and is securely joined deep inside the legs with exclusive stainless steel anchor bolts. The biggest feature in terms of functions of this mechanism is that vibration radiated from the speaker is absorbed to create a mechanically grounded vibration control structure that eliminates stress on equipment as far as possible.  

In the pursuit of ultimate performance, this rack has been made large and heavy. As a result it is high-priced because of the many man-hours put into its production.
However, once it is incorporated as a pair with the DOGMA 600 and you listen to the resulting sound, we are sure you will sit forward and let out an involuntary smile because of the satisfaction of the rich, three-dimensional sound. If you can actually see this just once with your own eyes, you will be convinced of the machining precision of this unparalleled top-quality 3-piece aluminum rack.

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