Our Approach and Commitment to the Production Environment
and Creation of QUALIA Products

We believe that the incorporation of careful production techniques and flexible creative innovation is essential in making QUALIA & COMPANY products.
As a result of executing all the processes for producing the DOGMA 600 this time in house – from assembly through to delivery – we have been able to maintain strict quality control standards higher than ever before. In the future, too, we hope to put onto the market products that will be loved by audiophiles around the world.

Here, we will present two examples that highlight our approach and commitment to product making.

In recently years, plastic connectors have come to be used as a matter of course in internal wiring of audio equipment. However, in hot and humid regions and in some environments where audio equipment is used, connector contacts oxidize over time which causes blue mold to form and resultant malfunction or loss of audio quality.

No plastic jumper connectors are used at all for connecting wiring across the printed circuit boards used in the INDIGO Series and DOGMA 600 created and produced by QUALIA JAPAN.

4 N or higher pure copper wire is used for internal wiring of the DOGMA 600 just as on the INDIGO Series. Wire sheath is stripped, and the copper wire is then drawn out by hand in the same direction to make its physical properties uniform. The wire is then cut to the required length and then covered with a Teflon-coated sheath for use as internal electric wiring. Direct connections to printed circuit boards are made using wire without exception in all wiring of QUALIA products.

Although this series of operations is time-consuming, the resulting effect in sound quality is considerable.

For the input terminals, we do not use speaker terminals generally available on the market. On our products, we mount only terminals that have been developed by us based on valuable experience gained in listening and development and manufactured in Japan.
Delrin (a polyacetal resin-based engineering plastic capable of withstanding 90°C or higher temperatures) made by DuPont is used for the white resin parts on the rear side of the back panel, and contact sections are treated with rhodium which has high corrosion resistance.

The enclosure panel and cut metal machine parts, for example, are outsourced for machining to metal processing companies in Japan. After delivery from subcontract factories, the machine parts are assembled in house, components are mounted on the printed circuit boards, and all parts are assembled. From here on, the subsequent processes of final adjustments, quality checks and packaging for shipment are handled entirely at QUALIA JAPAN’s production plant in Yokohama City. As a manufacturer of authentic analog high-end audio equipment, we are proud of the fact that our products are made entirely by hand by skilled Japanese craftsmen.

QUALIA JAPAN accepts visits from audiophiles for trial listening by reservation only. Feel free to make a reservation in our company’s web site.

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