The MONO BLOCK power amplifier from the INDIGO Series, presented as a mock-up in Munich during the spring of 2012, will officially be announced at CES 2013. This power amplifier is the result of uncompromising product development, similar to our pre-amplifier. In addition, we are currently making plans to add a disc player to the INDIGO Series lineup. Its development has been carefully pursued for 3 years since its conception, highlighting an extensive product lifespan and hinting at the concluding crowning achievement of disc media. Furthermore, we also shall officially launch the development of a middle-end model in the future.

QUALIA & COMPANY does not just offer high-end audio products but always strives toward creating a high-end living space for our customers. As you may know, we are still in the process of slowly developing our visibility and brand recognition.

As a result, we shall take our time building up our foundation, without forgetting our founding spirit, and continue to satisfy and please our customers by creating products that solely focus on the customer.  We recognize that we have entered a challenging age in which ideas and technology compete on a global scale. We shall continue to adapt our business model without reservations, as we feel it is our responsibility as a high-end brand to create new value through technology innovation and communication. Our engineers do not just develop products, rather we tailor them in response to the market needs from detailed marketing research.

Expect even greater things in the future from QUALIA & COMPANY.

The Product Development Team  

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